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salle reception mariage toulouse
"Hébergements autour de la Métairie du Château"
Camping toulouse

Camping Pré Fixe

Accomodation proposal in adition to la Métairie.
Chalet CHARLAY: two nights: 190€
Up to 6 people (possibly up to 7)
Chalet TAHOE: two nights: 178€
Up to 5 people (possibly up to 7)
Chalet ECO NATURE : two nights: 144€
Up to 4 people

maison hotes gascogne

L´Ampelopse maison d´hôtes

Accomodation proposal in adition to la Métairie.
Bord de Mer 150 €
Fleur de Coton 65 €
Cardinale 55 €
Rosa 65€

.camping de montmaurin

Camping de Montmaurin

Accomodation proposal in adition to la Métairie.
Chalet : 150€ les 2 night
Capacity 4/6 pers.
Mobil Home: 120€ les 2 night
Capacity 4/6 pers.
Mobil Home : 160€ les 2 night
Capacity 6/8 pers.

Les Glycines B&B

Les Glycines B&B

Une ferme rénovée avec jardin , piscine et vue sur les Pyrénées

Une jolie chambre d'hôte (2 personnes) près de St Gaudens, confortable et calme. Attention, les enfants ne sont pas admis.

jardin mariage  toulouse
" Autres partenaires... "
location de voiture mariage

Classic cars

Old car rentals
An original idea to offer and share ...
Tél. : 06 83 11 21 30

traiteur mariage toulouse

Philippe Condesse Maximusic

Philippe is a specific professional DJ in listening and very attentive.
To animate your evening wine reception of the dance, he will put his musical culture at your service, whatever the theme!
Feel free to contact him, visit his Facebook page that will give you an idea of the eclecticism of his musical tastes!
Tél. : 06 74 52 69 24

creperie p'tite bretonne

Crêperie P'tite Bretonne

Une idée super gourmande et originale pour tous vos repas, brunch, retour ou goûters.
Rozenn se déplace avec sa caravane, et adaptera ses menus de galettes et crêpes à vos envies. On a testé et approuvé, et en plus, les ingrédients sont locaux et bio quand c'est possible !

Tél. : 06 35 35 43 90

traiteur mariage toulouse

Saveurs Nature & Traditions

France and Denis Brosset offer their services for all receptions.
Companies, Committees parties, weddings, birthdays, business meals, fairs ...

traiteur mariage toulouse

Beaurivage Traiteur

Philippe Picabea chef and his wife Cecilia are attentive, available and smiling, is a good start !
The cuisine is refined and fresh products, neat presentations, and it is in a friendly spirit, almost family, with great professionalism, but it will at your service to prepare the meal you want.
Want to know more ? Contact them at their hotel restaurant and do not hesitate to make an appointment !

steph comminges location

Steph Comminges Location

For your meeting, no doubt to contact with Steph to rent all the necessary equipment from the crockery to the carps:


Au bouquet garni

What better than a basket of fruit, a beautifully decorated plate, some fruit prepared to welcome your guests for Sunday brunch or dessert nature and light ?
Watermelon and strawberry, grape and pear, nature or prepared ?
Contact Cendrine from us, it will offer you the best of his scoop shop, consistent with its demand on quality, and will deliver you if you want, everything will be ready on your arrival !
Rue Porte de dessus 31350 Boulogne sur Gesse - 05 62 00 10 64.


La Crèmerie du Comminges

The different ways of cheese combinations offer a wide world of possibilities: a brunch with local cheeses from local producers, breakfast repairman after a party, a quiz to test the appetite of your guests ... everything is invented, but the right products are at Anne Clement and Rouzaud, Saint Gaudens, or the Comminges creamery .
05-81-57-96-17 -


L'Instant pour Soi

At the hair & beauty salon "l'Instant pour Soi" in Boulogne / Gesse they are waiting to welcome you! Give yourself a time off!


Les Ets. Boubée

We went to a party and we want to return safely and without taking any risk. Boubée Boulogne / Gesse offers a bus transfer for 20 people to accompany you to the bed at the end of the evening, and bring you back in the morning.

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